What’s the Difference Between Volume Lashes and Mega Volume Lashes

mega volume

You may be stunned to hear there are differences between Volume eyelash extensions and Mega Volume eyelash extensions!

Back in 2013, the eyelash world presented one of the greatest things for lash artists and their clients: VOLUME LASHES.

It blew our minds and created a new learning curve for those of us who were used to simply doing classic lash extensions.

Volume lashes was an innovative technique made possible by the lash artist being able to apply more than just the one eyelash extension to a natural lash.

Before, six eyelash extensions were the maximum amount that could be applied to one natural lash at a time.
The diameter .07 became all the rave and was the thinnest lash at that time to be made available.

Fast forward 3 years down the road and Mega Volume lashes came into view.

You may ask, isn’t that the same thing as Volume lashes?

Mega Volume lashes are now available in diameters including .03, .04, .05 and .06!

The .05 and .06 lashes are more common for lash artists to use since anything smaller are typically harder to grab with tweezers.

lashview mega volume lashes
lashview mega volume lashes

These sizes allow more extensions to be applied to the natural lashes to create a fuller look than ever before!

Keep in mind the diameter of your client’s natural lashes when applying Volume or Mega Volume extensions.

You never want to apply products too heavy for the natural lashes, since this can cause damage and breakage.

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