How to Establish Professional Goals as A Lash Artist

To become a successful lash artist, you must first establish your short and long-term goals.

Where can you see yourself in the next year?

What about the next three years?

What is most significant for you for your job? Think a

bout what your location is now and where you would like to be.

When you visualize just what you want to accomplish, you can begin environment realistic goals yourself. Getting a clear plan and a vision of what you would like for your future is likely to be key to your success as a lash artist.

This step-by-step guide can help you create and adhere to those goals.


Your job vision should be your “dream” or goal of what you aspire to be professionally. According to UC Berkeley,  articulating that vision into a written statement is the first step in helping you achieve your career goals.  Here’s how:

  1. Show patience, give yourself time to take into account what you want to accomplish
  2. List out your job goals, big or small
  3. Determine your individual and professional core value
  4. Think about the tougher questions: What inspires you? How will you define success? What’s your biggest durability? What’s your ideal weakness?
  5. Summarize everything you’ve just considered in one sentence or a short paragraph to set-up your vision statement

Once you have your vision assertion written down, said somewhere (or multiple places) where you can view it daily. Read it aloud to yourself or show it with others – whatever can help motivate you!


Definitely, beautiful lashes are always goals, but we’re discussing L.A.S.H.E.S. Following this six-letter acronym will help you stay on the trail and give attention to what’s most significant throughout your voyage as a lash artist.

L = Look Inward

Explore your strengths and weaknesses to understand the greatest opportunities for growth. Jot down what your biggest strengths are as a lash artist and which areas you might improve on. Utilize this as motivation to expand professionally and in person.

A = Achievable

Place attainable goals. Be practical with yourself about your goals and how long it will require to attain them. Sure, every lash musician desires to “get big” right away but is this truly attainable? A more natural goal is always to gain 100 new Instagram followers within the next two months. This sort of goal is natural, achievable rather than unreasonable.

S = Specific

Be specific about your targets. For instance, growing your lash business a great goal, but it’s very vague. Instead, a far more specific goal is always to book five new lash clients by the finish of the month. A lot more focused your targets are, the much more likely you are to accomplish them.

H = Hold Yourself Accountable

Goals don’t exist in vacuum pressure! Establish yourself up for success by putting systems set up for you and others to trail your progress. Have a friend or employee check together with you over a regular monthly or quarterly basis to be sure you’re on the right track.

E = Evaluate

Measure your progress and see how you’re doing. What’s working? What’s not? During your accountability check-ins, be honest with yourself and check out your improvement to see what you need to change to reach your goals.

S = Self Awareness

Once you’ve completed an objective, think about the journey and the way the lessons can be applied to future goals. It’s been two and a half weeks and you’ve already exceeded your goal of arranging five new customers in a month. Look at what you have (or didn’t do) for this to happen. Have you offered any specials? Were these new clients from referrals? Now that you really know what works for your lash business, you can place an even better goal for your future like scheduling ten new clients for the next month. Again, it’s about being realistic with yourself and your accomplishments.


Your career vision should have both short and long-term goals. Short-term goals are goals that may be completed in six months to per annum, like upping your cultural media pursuing your business or concluding a new lash course. Alternatively, long-term goals may take from three to five 5 years or even more. An example of long-term goals would be checking your own salon. As you can plainly see, both types of goals are possible, but you can’t complete the long-term goals without achieving some smaller milestones first!


Discouragement can and will happen in both your personal and professional life. This dates back to being realistic about your targets. If one of your targets has to be pushed back or you will need to make changes to your goals along the way, that’s ok! Success doesn’t just happen in a single day, so show patience with yourself and stay positive throughout every step of your voyage.


Remember this guide and review it later as you keep up to attain various milestones throughout your career. Given that you understand how to determine goals as a lash artist, it’s time to put these techniques into practice!

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