Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: Simple Beauty for Your Eyes

If you want your eyelashes to look their very best, it makes sense to pay attention to the latest and greatest in products that do just that. One of the hot topics in the beauty industry today is the hybrid eyelash extension. What are they? Is there a great difference between classic faux eyelashes, high volume products, and hybrid eyelash extensions?

The majority of women who choose to have fake eyelashes or extensions applied by a beauty professional opt for the classic style. For a more dramatic look, they may choose those that specifically add volume. Many have not heard of the hybrid variety that gives you a unique look all your own. Have you looked into the hybrid eyelash extension option? There are so many different products and application types on the market today that it can be quite difficult to figure out what will work best for your eyes and style. That is why we have compiled information in this article to help you make a smart and beautiful choice.

Hybrid, Volume, and Classic Eyelash Extensions

You want to look your very best, so you need to choose the type of extensions for your lashes that really make the type of dramatic impact you want. Sometimes, however, you do not need super volume, but you do not want and everyday look either. Explore the differences outlined below to make your choice.

Hybrid Eyelash Extension

Calling these hybrid makes sense because the eyelashes have different thicknesses that usually range from .07 millimeters to .15 millimeters. This gives a more realistic and varied look that truly sets your eyelash game apart from all the rest. You get the benefits of classic eyelash extensions when it comes to looking as close to real as possible but also the drama of volume extensions. In other words, you get the best characteristics of each in one product.

Reports about the famous star Kim Kardashian reveals that she likes hybrid eyelash extension products to create her unique look. Do you enjoy the dramatic effect is full, curled, yet natural-looking eyelashes like she has? When it comes to beauty, you cannot go wrong with looking towards these types of Hollywood icons. Learn about hybrid eyelash extension products and tell all your friends, too.

Even if the style is one you truly want for your eyelashes, you may worry about the cost or application of hybrid varieties. Yes, they do cost a bit more than the classic extensions and need a more precise process to put them on properly. For everyday wear, you might prefer saving some money and time by choosing classics. However, if you want your best look possible that combines naturally with dramatic, a hybrid eyelash extension is the right choice for you.

Volume Eyelash Extension

These types of dramatic beauty products are sometimes called Russian Volume because the particular style was developed in that country. Since those early days, they have become quite popular all over the globe as women from all walks of life adopt their use. Volume eyelash extension products are created prior to application for each woman who wants them. The artistic professional creates a lovely fan of individual eyelashes in a dramatic and beautiful fashion.

Volume eyelash extensions are ideal for special occasions and evenings out. They are fuller, denser, and more dramatic than either classic or hybrid eyelash extension. They look almost like fake eyelashes that are applied in an entire strip. When you first go to the beauty technician for extension application, they may ask you if you want 2D, 3D, 5D, or 10D effects. These Ds indicate how many individual eyelashes exist in each fan of the product. If you choose 5D, for example, it means you have a 1 to 5 ratio of volume with five lashes in the fan itself. If in doubt, simply ask the technician or beauty shop professional what would be right for your desired look.

Classic Eyelash Extension

The most natural-looking extensions are called classic, and they are probably the most popular that women of all types opt for when they first go to the eyelash technician for help. They are suitable for both daytime and nighttime styles and work well with any type of makeup application. They are lightweight, unnoticeable, and simply feel natural and comfortable. The main goal of classic eyelash extensions is to make your existing lashes look longer without adding too much volume.

An application of these classic lashes involves individual extensions on each natural lash that gets the treatment. There are no fans or multi-lash units applied. This makes the entire process take a lot less time than some of the volume or hybrid applications. In fact, you can get finished in as little as one hour. However, you do not want a technician who rushes through the job and delivers less than perfect work.

When it comes to adding beauty to your overall look, the three types of eyelash extensions each offer a different solution. While many women opt for the less expensive and simpler classic extensions, others reach for the dramatic volume styles instead. Why not get the best of both worlds with the hybrid eyelash extension application? These affordable options give you the length and volume you want without sacrificing a natural appearance you can enjoy every day.

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