Lash Lift: Make a Statement With Your Eyes

When was the last time you fussed around with mascara? Do you remember the difficulty applying it evenly, the unsightly clumps, and the eye irritation? Isn’t it wonderful that you do not have to worry about this cosmetic option anymore? Mascara is miserable. Now, you can replace all that trouble with false lashes and eyelash extensions with no problem.

Mascara is out and false eyelashes are in. However, there is something even more popular and innovative that has taken the beauty blogs and Instagram pages by storm. A lash lift is one of the most talked-about and searched for cosmetic options out there today. An ever-increasing number of lifestyle and beauty experts and influencers are pointing women toward this amazing possibility.

Despite its growing popularity, you may still not know exactly what a lash lift is. This sometimes leads to anxiety or reticence to try it for yourself. Once we explain not only how the procedure works but also the amazing beauty benefits it brings, you just may change your mind. Get ready to fall in love with lash lifts.

Lash Lifts Explained

Do not worry. A lash lift is nothing like a facelift. It has nothing to do with surgery or changing your features permanently. Instead, a lash lift is a simple beauty parlor procedure that gives you an amazing look that lasts. It can replace entire rows of false eyelashes and thick eyelash extensions in some cases.

How does the process work? The first step is to choose lash patches that are trimmed specifically to suit your eye shape and beauty interests. Then, the special latch lift glue is applied to these patches and they are positioned in the appropriate place near your natural eyelashes. Finally, three different safe solutions or creams are brushed carefully onto your natural lashes from the root to the center.

These three solutions include:

  • The lifting cream that takes 15 minutes to work
  • The neutralizing lotion that stops the chemical reaction of the lifting cream
  • The keratin booster that improves strength, health, and thickness in just 3 to 5 minutes

As your beauty specialist will follow all the directions precisely, you will end up with beautifully thick, curled, and lifted eyelashes that get healthier every time you get a lash lift. Finally, remove the under-eye pads and brush your eyelashes gently with a clean mascara wand.

Why a Lash Lift May Be Right for You?

Both professional and do-it-yourself lash lifts can last up to eight weeks. This gives you a long period of time to enjoy your new natural eyelash look. You can avoid daily curling or treatments to make your lashes look as good as possible. Just think of the time you may save. Also, this process is excellent for women who choose not to wear false eyelashes or lash extensions all the time.

The changes that occur at your natural eyelashes do not wash away like makeup or get damaged from sleep, glasses, or makeup. You can use your regular cosmetics regimen as much as you want. The end result will simply look better and more beautiful because you already have a built-in lash lift that adds volume and curl.

Lash Lifts Will Not Harm Your Natural Eyelashes

The solutions used to perform the lash lift are deemed safe for use for this cosmetic procedure close to your eyes. You do not have to worry about irritation or any type of damage. Also, the final keratin booster actually works to make your eyelashes healthier over time.

Are you ready to try the latest beauty option for amazing eyelashes without falsies or extensions? Now that you understand the safe and effective lash lift procedure described in this article, you can feel more comfortable getting an at-home kit or asking your professional beauty expert about it. Take control of your look by making your existing eyelashes as thick, full, curled, and beautiful as possible.

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