Total Eyelash Mapping for the Perfect Cat Eye Set

Lash artists everywhere need a lot of skill to deliver exactly what their clients want when choosing eyelash extension that suit their face and desired look. People have very different eye shapes and natural lash lines. Some have very thin eyelashes while others are quite sick and bold. Nevertheless, when a client wants a perfect cat’s eye set, the lash artist must understand how to create a customized solution with total eyelash mapping. This article covers the most popular eyelash map back to get you started satisfying all your clients’ desires.

In order to make a cat eye shape in faux eyelashes, you need a variety of different lash lengths to make dramatic sweep. From the inner corner to the outer edge, choose a 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and another 12 for the end. The eight divisions by the numbers are necessary if you want to get an attractive look in the end.

To better understand the diagram, I will use black for the C curls and red lines for the D curls. Of course, the eyelash color you use will depend on what the client wants.


Section One

I like to begin at the outer corner whenever I’m creating an eyelash map. This allows me to really focus on this section of the process to get the best results possible. After all, if you put the eyelashes to close together or choose ones that are excessively long, it will not look as good as it could. One of the most important things is to avoid making the eyelash fan look like a sticker that ends up extending beyond the edge of the person wearing it’s eye. Excessively long lashes with a C curl will end up making the upper eyelid look droopy, and this leads to a sad expression. That is the last thing a woman wants when she is trying to look her best. This is especially important for a cat’s eye design because you are looking for a playful flick at the end. I use four or five volume lashes with a C curl at 12 millimeters for this part of the set.

Section Two

In the next section, you want to construct the cat’s eye flick in a way that makes it look like a fun and instead of an outer corner decal. The look to avoid involves eyelashes that curl back around toward the eyelid instead of extending outward from the corner. A 14-millimeter eyelash with a C curl works great here.

Section Three

This section includes the densest layout of eyelashes. I recommend using high-volume product from LashView in the 14 or 15-millimeter length with C or D curls. At this point, do not worry about the shorter ones that you will add into the middle later. It is okay to have some gaps between the longest lashes.

Section Four

Now it is time to use the 12 and 13-millimeter eyelashes with both C and D curls to fill in the space and make an attractive arc in your cat’s eye lash set. Fit these shorter lashes wherever you can flick them in, but do not worry about blending anything precisely.

Section Five

Finally, you have reached the inner corner of the eye, and you are ready to use the shortest eyelashes you collected for this design. With all of them using a C curl, choose the 9, 10, 11 and 12-millimeter lengths. Fit in as many as you can to create a truly dense and black lash line.


Now that you know the secret to total eyelash mapping for a complete cat’s eye set, it is equally important to know what kind of women would look best with this style. Because cat’s-eye designs flick out at the end, they are especially helpful for women with smaller or close-set eyes. If the woman has wide eyes or ones that naturally tilt downward at the outer corner, this set may not be the best option. With all of the different styles of false eyelashes possible, you are sure to find the perfect one for every client.

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