Professional Lash Lift Kit

$34.99 $29.90

Lash lifts make natural lashes appear longer, lifted, and curled without needing lash extensions. it’s the lash industry’s most popular service, with demands over the last year growing by 73%. the lash lift 360° system revolutionizes the service, with safe, innovative lotions that lift lashes for up to 8-12 weeks and come in 3 different lift levels!

RECOMMENDED PROCESSING TIMES (may vary based on the client’s lashes):

fine lashes — 25 minutes
normal lashes — 35 minutes
course lashes — 40 minutes


What do you charge for this service?
We recommend charging around $80 for a lash lift, and $30-40 for each additional add-on service, but you can certainly charge what you feel is fair market value in your area.


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