How to Kill Bacteria in Eyelash Extension Tools

The Beyelian Lash UV Light Sterilizer kills 99.9% of bacteria with UV light disinfection technology. Sterilize tools without harmful chemicals like tweezers, jade stones, mascara wands, scissors, lashes, mirrors, etc. The sixty-second cycle time allows for a more efficient process to lash bacteria-free. Directions:1. Place all items in sterilizer2. Push power button3. Wait 60 seconds […]

What’s in Eyelash Extension Adhesive, Anyway?

Eyelash adhesive is a huge part of successful lash extension application and retention. Since it’s a chemical, it’s a serious tool for lash artists and needs to be treated appropriately as such. You may have some eyelash extension clients who ask you about the ingredients in adhesive. Just like you’d read ingredients in what you’re eating, you should […]

Amazing Easy-fan Self-fanning Russian Volume Lashes

Lashview Beauty introduces to you the Amazing Easy Fan Russian Volume lash trays. Matte Dark Black and as always the Largest trays (16 lines) & Highest Quality on the market. The NEW Easy Fan Lashes are the must-have lashes for any lash tech and are taking the industry by storm. Easy Fan Volume Lashes are […]

What’s the Difference Between Volume Lashes and Mega Volume Lashes

You may be stunned to hear there are differences between Volume eyelash extensions and Mega Volume eyelash extensions! Back in 2013, the eyelash world presented one of the greatest things for lash artists and their clients: VOLUME LASHES. It blew our minds and created a new learning curve for those of us who were used […]

Hybrid Lashes – The Lowdown

We love Eyelash Extensions at Lashview & training in Lash Extensions remains our most popular whether that is within the Individual (Classic) technique or the Russian Volume Lash technique. But recently there has been a huge rise in students expressing confusion about a ‘new’ application technique – hybrid lashes. Straight out of Hollywood, with the […]

What Is Better, Putting Mascara or Having Lash Extension?

What Is Better, Putting Mascara or Having Lash Extension? Picking eyelash extensions can provide you a considerable variety of advantages, a few of you will possibly not have thought of or comprehended this. Nowadays this type of treatment is affordable and totally secured and is performed by experts who spend a significant amount of time […]

Proceed with Caution: What to Do about Adhesive Allergies

Proceed with Caution: What to Do About Adhesive Allergies Adhesive allergies and too little proper knowledge of why they occur can be an increasing problem in the lash extension industry. Both parties, lash artists and clients, tend to be frustrated and perplexed whenever a client that hasn’t had a reaction before begins having sensitivities. The […]